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About the Author

Born in Annapolis, Maryland in 1984, Christine Brown holds a Master’s degree in International Development & Social Change from Clark University, where she focused her studies around global health.


She enjoys traveling around the world and sharing her experiences through writing and creating video content on YouTube. In 2008 and 2010, Christine worked on community development initiatives in Ghana, which fueled her graduate research around reproductive health education, and served to inspire her debut nonfiction narrative, Bucket Showers & Baby Goats. 

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A note

My uncle, James Brown, wanted me to put this story into a book since I began writing it back in 2008. He didn't want me to edit it - he just wanted me to put it out there in the world, raw feelings and all.


I am grateful for his loving support and relentless encouragement through the years. I think I'm like him in a lot of ways, and I'm proud of that. When I finally decided to heed Jimmy's advice and organize this story into a book, I did actually edit and polish, as did my mother (thanks Mom!). With ten years of perspective though, it was a challenge to leave the original thoughts and feelings as I had written in the moment, but I did, and the journal format of the story is as true and raw as I felt it to be at the time.


Jimmy never got to see the finished product before he passed away in 2017, but his spirit lives in every element of this project. 


Bucket Showers & Baby Goats was published on Jimmy's birthday. 

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